Cabinet Maintenance Tips

For those searching for new homes, often, one of the most important features for potential buyers is the kitchen. Is there an island? How much counter space is there? And what about the cabinets? How do they look? While remodeling a kitchen can be pricey, if you know how to take care of your cabinets, your kitchen will hold its value for ages. It will look great, function as intended, and never need costly repairs or replacements. Check out these key tips, so you can keep your cabinets healthy for years.

On-Going Cabinet Care

The key to extending the lives of cabinets is in routine care. Just like any other piece of property—a car or a lawn—the need for regular maintenance comes with the ownership. As most cabinets are made out of wood, specific products must be used, and others avoided, to ensure the material stays in good health.

What Should I Avoid When Cleaning My Cabinets?

Regardless of how often you clean your cabinets, if you’re using the wrong products, you’re only going to damage them. All the following are items and practices to avoid.

What Are Some of the Easiest Ways to Clean My Cabinets?

Fortunately, regular care doesn’t take much effort, nor does it require expensive cleaning products. For your routine cleaning, follow these quick tips.

How Often Should I Really Be Cleaning My Cabinets?

Depending on the usage of your cabinets—how many people are using them— you may want to clean them anywhere from every other week to a couple of times per week.

When your cabinets need a more thorough cleaning, such as when you notice grease or other stains on the cabinets, follow these tips.

What Should I Do if Something is Spilled on My Cabinet?

While cleaning your cabinets is straightforward, you should give extra attention to the following scenarios.

Your cabinets are vital pieces of your home that should be well taken care of. If you’re looking for more information, feel free to contact our experts at Sterling Kitchen & Bath or visit one of our showrooms across the greater Philadelphia area, we have locations all around including Malvern, Hatboro, and more!

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