7 of the Most Frequently Asked Kitchen Cabinet Questions Answered

Homeowners often have several frequently asked questions about cabinets since installing cabinets, and cabinets in general, can prove challenging to nail down during kitchen renovations. Cabinets are intended to add style and aesthetics while retaining their true functional purpose of storage. Read the following FAQs if you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen!

Should kitchen cabinets go all the way to the ceiling?

The best way to answer this question is to ask yourself a few additional questions. First, what style do you prefer? The design of cabinets that reach the ceiling is not for everyone—if you don’t like the look, you shouldn’t use these cabinets. Secondly, what is your budget? Adding this type of cabinet will be more costly as there is more material involved.

Do kitchen remodels add value?

Renovated kitchens add value to your home. Kitchens remain one of the most important spaces in a home for homebuyers. As such, homebuyers are more likely to pay more for a house if the kitchen is renovated and complete with new cabinetry, increased storage space, new appliances, and granite countertops.

Do cabinets usually come with hardware?

It all depends on where you buy from and what you want. Many cabinet suppliers provide options to sell cabinets with and without hardware. If you buy cabinetry with hardware, it’s a standard set. On the other hand, if you want custom hardware with novelty, traditional, or rustic pieces, you’ll need to buy them separately.

How do I know if my kitchen cabinets are of good quality?

If you’re buying from a reputable supplier that offers a warranty on their products, it’s a good sign the cabinets are of good quality. Beyond that, you should look at the actual product. The cabinets should be assembled by the supplier to ensure they’re done professionally. High-quality cabinets also frequently come with features like full-height back panels, soft-close hinges, soft-close drawers, dovetail drawer boxes, and all-plywood construction.

What is the difference between stock and custom cabinets?

Stock cabinets are those which are pre-built to the most common sizes needed by homeowners. Custom cabinets are typically more expensive and take time to order, while stock options can be bought from a showroom and taken home the same day.

Custom cabinets are tailored to your needs and desires; they’re likely made in a local workshop, they take longer to make and they’re more costly than stock cabinets.

Do you install wall cabinets before base cabinets?

Yes, installing wall cabinets first will make installing the base cabinets easier. If you were to flip the process, you’d have to lift the wall cabinets over the base cabinets.

What is the best kitchen cabinet brand?

The best brand of cabinets can be found by considering a few key things—the history of cabinetry making, customer service reviews of a builder, available warranties, variety, and affordability. The two brands that score the highest in these categories are Aristokraft and Kraftmaid. Runner-ups include Omega, Homecrest, and Wolf Cabinetry.

Where Can I Find the Best Cabinets in The Philadelphia Area?

Sterling Kitchen & Bath is known as one of the premier cabinet stores in Philadelphia. Visit one of our five showrooms in Colmar, Conshohocken, Malvern, Hatboro, or Havertown to check out our cabinet lines and to speak to our experts!

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