How To Decorate the Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

The space above your kitchen cabinets is often overlooked when it comes to decorating. This is unfortunate because they provide a perfect place for kitchen accessories, storage, and plants and can really bring your kitchen together as a whole. Here are some ideas on how to decorate the top of your kitchen cabinets.

Organize Your Cookbooks

If you just bought a new cookbook, creating an organized collection of kitchen books above kitchen cabinets is the perfect place to store them. You can also use this space for your favorite recipes that are printed out or in recipe boxes. If you want to take it one step further, frame some of your family’s special recipes!

Highlight Your Favorite Kitchen Items

Use kitchen accessories to bring color and personality into your kitchen decor. If you have decorative plates, set them out on the counter above cabinets for display. Displaying this type of heirloom or special dishware is a great way to personalize your kitchen space and make it feel like home—and can also serve as conversation starters when friends come over! Maybe even use clear containers (such as glass jars) that are easy to clean up after baking cookies or desserts with kids, then put them back in place before company arrives. Or if you love cooking, show off favorite spices and other kitchen items by stacking Mason jars full of dried herbs overhead.

Create an Artistic Display

Display items from around your home—favorite photos, art pieces by local artists, decorative plates—or use them as inspiration when it comes to designing your kitchen space! Add some personal flair while also creating functional space above cabinets. You can create unique wall-mounted shelves or add wire racks on top of kitchen cabinets so you can show off special trinkets in style.

Add a Decorative Touch with Some Greenery

A kitchen is a great place for plants that require little maintenance, such as cacti or small succulents. If you don’t mind climbing up to water the plants every week, setting up the space above cabinets to grow an indoor garden is ideal—just be sure to purchase plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight.

Artificial plants look beautiful above cabinets as well. They are a great option if you don’t have the time to take care of live ones or want something more permanent that won’t die over the years. Choosing something with a color palette that matches your kitchen decor helps provide a cohesive and polished look.

Find Spots for Practical Items

Use the area above your kitchen cabinets to store dishware, glassware, and other items that make cooking easier or more enjoyable. You can also group like items together so you know where everything is.

You may want to add kitchen towels, pot holders and other frequently used items. If you have kitchen appliances that are not used frequently, such as a bread maker, don’t put them away. Use the top of kitchen cabinets to create an organized spot for them so that they aren’t taking up precious counter space when you never need to use them.

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