Everything You Need to Know About Lazy Susan Cabinets

When you think of a lazy Susan cabinet, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, the first thing that comes to mind is storage. And you would be right – a lazy Susan cabinet is a great way to add extra storage to your kitchen. However, there’s much more to a lazy Susan than just storage. At Sterling Kitchen & Bath, we are experts in everything kitchens and we can answer all of your questions about lazy Susan cabinets. Keep reading for more information on these handy kitchen storage areas!

What is a Lazy Susan Cabinet?

A lazy Susan cabinet is a storage cabinet that features shelves that rotate. The spinning shelves system works by having a rotating mechanism that uses bearings to make the shelf turn 360 degrees, just like on a turntable. This makes it easy to access all of the items inside without having to reach to the back.

Lazy Susan cabinets are often used in kitchens, although they can be used in any room in your home. You will most often see these types of cabinets in corner cupboards, making it much easier to access things deep inside the corners.

What Should I Put in My Lazy Susan Cabinet?

The great thing about lazy Susan cabinets is that they can be used for almost anything. Many people use them to store spices, canned goods, or other items that they use on a regular basis. Others use them to store seasonal items or infrequently used items. The possibilities are endless!

How Do I Organize My Lazy Susan Cabinet?

There are a few different ways to organize your lazy Susan cabinet. One way is to group similar items. For example, you could put your spices in one section and your canned goods in another. Another way to organize your cabinet is by frequency of use. Items that you use daily can be stored within easy reach, while things that you use less often can be stored in the back.

No matter how you choose to organize your lazy Susan cabinet, the importantĀ kitchen accessory is that it works for you and your family. What works for one family might not work for another, so find what works best for you and stick with it!

What are the Advantages of Having a Lazy Susan Cabinet in Your Kitchen?

There are many advantages to having a lazy Susan cabinet in your kitchen.

Help Save Space

One benefit is that it makes storage easier. You can store more items in a lesserĀ amount of space by utilizing a rotating shelf. This comes in handy if you have a small kitchen or limited storage capacity.

It is Easier to Find Things

Another advantage of having a lazy Susan cabinet is that it makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. With all of your items within easy reach, you won’t have to search through every other cabinet to find what you need. This can save you time and frustration when trying to cook a meal or get something out of the cupboard.

Get Rid of Clutter

A lazy Susan cabinet can also help you eliminate clutter in your kitchen. You can declutter your countertops and other cabinets by utilizing the extra storage space. This will give you more room to work and make your kitchen feel less cluttered.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a lazy Susan cabinet in your kitchen. If you’re looking for extra storage space or an easy way to organize your kitchen, this type of cabinet is a great option!

How Do You Clean a Lazy Susan Cabinet?

You should also clean the lazy Susan cabinet at least once a year to keep it looking its best.

Cleaning is easy and only takes a few minutes. By following these simple steps, you can keep your cabinet looking like new for years to come!

Now that you know everything you need to about lazy Susan cabinets, it’s time to start shopping for one! Sterling Kitchen & Bath is the premier kitchen cabinets supplier in Montgomery County, PA. With over 25 years of experience, we are experts in all things kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re looking for a new lazy Susan cabinet or other storage solutions, we can help! Stop by one of our many showrooms in the greater Philadelphia region, or give us a call today to learn more about our products and services.

We look forward to helping you create the kitchen of your dreams!

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