The Top Kitchen Design Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Kitchens will always be the centerpieces of any home. They bring life, joy, and of course, delicious meals to the residents. As they’re such fundamental parts, homeowners, renters, and designers look past the original utility of kitchens to something more universal. Check out the up-and-coming design trends to ensure your kitchen is up to par with next year’s standards!

Use Natural Materials in Your Kitchen in 2022

Wood and marble are both in and here to stay. Kitchens with marble features look absolutely exquisite—the natural texture within the material can blend seamlessly with wood shelves and cabinetry. You can choose to use marble for your countertops, island, and backsplash.

You may also opt for a kitchen that hides its appliances through wooden cabinets. This leads to an overall natural design where modern kitchen items such as refrigerators and microwaves are hidden behind attractive materials.

Smart Technology Will Be an Even More Popular Feature in 2022

As we’re in an age of unparalleled innovation, it’s no surprise that 2022 will see kitchens become more technologically advanced. Think thoughtfully placed light fixtures, concrete, metal, glass, marble, and decluttered counters.

Kitchens will also see the addition of several smart appliances that make use of the Internet. Things like ovens, coffee makers, and other appliances will be connected to smartphones seamlessly. You will even be able to see what food is in your fridge through a live camera. Only time will tell what appliances will become mainstream, but be sure that there will be a growing motion for smart kitchens.

Streamlined Designs and Handle Free Cabinets

There was a time when every drawer, cabinet, and pantry had matching gold or silver handles. That time has ended. In 2022, be on the lookout for kitchen cabinetry free from handles. You can check with Sterling Kitchen & Bath, the best choice for local cabinet stores near Philadelphia, for the latest styles.

The style allows for easy opening and a reduction in upkeep and cleaning for such features. Furthermore, the design itself is modern; it’s sleek. Picture your kitchen to be smooth and simple. The attraction will come from the overall design of the kitchen and not from individual aspects like cabinetry.

Using Darker Tones Will Be A Kitchen Design Trend in 2022

Dark tones, especially black, evoke a sense of minimalism and elegance. Black cabinetry, black marble countertops, and black appliances combined with subtle lighting, gold or silver accents from faucets, oven hoods, and other features provide an unforgettable look.

You can combine several colors with your dark-toned kitchen, but you need to be sure to keep it minimal. Black goes well individually with several colors, yet it doesn’t do well with a mixture of accent colors.

Floating Shelves in Your Kitchen

Depending on the general design of your kitchen, it may benefit from floating shelves. These additions are not standout features, but they do provide beauty.

Placed above a well-designed backsplash, you can add decorative ceramics to bring color and elegance to your kitchen. Floating shelves also save counter space while maintaining accessibility.

The Future of Kitchen Design is Now With Sterling

Maintaining a well-designed kitchen can be difficult as styles change frequently. Keep in mind the above 5 trends to stay up to date in 2022. You can also check out one of Sterling Kitchen & Bath’s showrooms to see the latest kitchen cabinet designs in person!

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